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Insights from our 2023 DEI Survey

Every year we reach out to our people to find out how they feel about diversity, equity and inclusion at DICE, and we use that data to inform how we want our company to grow. We’re proud that 98% of employees gave us their input for our last survey – this provides us with a robust overview of our community and a wealth of data to inform our future initiatives – key findings can be seen here.


Our DEI survey asks important demographic questions, helping us paint an accurate picture of our people. It also explores researched constructs of equity and inclusion such as fairness, belonging and voice.

Gender diversity has remained consistent since 2022, with women representing 49% of the company, and the diversity of ethnic identities from minority groups has increased from 28% to 36%. We have increased the representation of women at team leader level and on our Board, and can also see a higher representation of ethnic identity at these senior levels. 

One important commitment from 2022 was to bring more women into our Product and Engineering teams, and we were happy to see an increase from 19% to 27% since 2022. We can also see better representation across other areas, including sexual orientation, parents and carers, disability, religion, mental health, socio-economic background and neurodiversity. The largest increase was in employees identifying as neurodiverse which increased to 22% from 13% representation globally. 

Employees feel that the company is doing a good job of making people feel included, with statements such as ‘The team I work in treats each other with respect’ and ‘Employees at DICE respect and value each other's differences’ achieving the highest scores. The strongest correlation (.072) was between the statements ‘Discriminatory language and behaviour is not tolerated at DICE’ and ‘DICE will take strict action in response to incidents of discrimination’, and it’s heartening to learn that our efforts in Leadership Development and policy changes have had a positive impact on our people. 

Some updates since our 2022 survey

  • We welcomed Caron Veazey, founder of Something In Common and co-founder of the Black Music Action Coalition, to our Board of Directors
  • Our Global Belonging Programme has been launched, helping us connect our people around the world
  • We now have five Employee Community Groups, supporting our Women & Femme, BIPOC, Pride365, Neurodivergent Minds, and Parents & Carers communities.  
  • Our Leadership Accountability Framework has been introduced, to ensure that leaders at DICE keep DEI top of mind
  • Our Gender Pay Gap report, L&D programmes, Mental Health programmes & Policy Reviews have provided valuable knowledge and training to all staff

DICE remains steadfast in its commitment to making a lasting impact to our company, and we’ll continue to work closely with leaders across the company to improve representation, progression and accountability.

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