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The next generation: work experience with ERIC

Words by Alice Tull
Photos by Will Grady

What we learnt from hosting young people at our London office for workshops, mentoring and career advice in partnership with ERIC

Over two days in February, DICE had the opportunity to host 17 young people at our offices in Dalston for work experience taster days. The event was organised in partnership with ERIC, an app that connects young people to internships, apprenticeships, events, courses and upskilling opportunities across the creative industries. The initial plan was to run it over a single day with contributions from a few teams; but in true DICE fashion, a massive number of our people wanted to get involved, so we went one better and hosted two packed-out days of workshops and talks to inspire and support those just starting out in their career journeys.

With day one dedicated to the Commercial and Operations side of the business, and the second focusing on Product and Engineering, volunteers from across the teams organised sessions to share information about their departments and roles, and how their career paths led them to DICE. It can be intimidating coming into a new environment and trying to wrap your head around jobs and functions, but the vibe at DICE is a welcoming one and it was brilliant to see how relaxed and comfortable the attendees were with us all.

We also managed to squeeze in a group lunch and workshop with our Talent Leads to explain more about our hiring process and to share advice on what makes a great CV – and of course, no one left without a DICE tote and T-shirt. 

Both days were a resounding success, and I believe this is an amazing opportunity for any young person who wants to gain an insight into how a business runs and what areas they might like to work in. It also helped to bring people at DICE together – it was great to work with such a brilliant squad of volunteers and for us to learn more about each other, too.

We really hope we can run another day like this. We’re already in discussions about how we can collaborate with ERIC again and utilise the community spirit we have here at DICE to continue to help shape the futures of young people entering our industry. We asked Mae Yip, the cofounder of ERIC, and some of the DICE volunteers to share their experiences of the day.

Sam Amponsah, Senior Project Manager, Creative

It was really fun getting to talk to the work experience attendees. They were so open in terms of their aspirations, and asked some great questions, which made it easy to offer advice to help them navigate their next steps.

I took them through my professional journey up to this point, from the lightbulb moment when I realised I wanted to work in the creative industries to my experience working with brands at agencies, through to my arrival at DICE. It was great to hear from one of the young creatives that she was considering the pros and cons of agency versus brand side – hopefully my answers will point her in the right direction.

The ERIC scheme is really important for young creatives, in particular, as there isn’t much signage on the diversity of roles in the creative industry, and client and project management often gets overlooked. But it’s a crucial role in any creative workplace, so maybe there are a few new career paths being considered now. 

Sian Gers, Account Manager, Brand Partnerships

I took the attendees through what we do in the Brand Partnerships team, which included some examples of previous partnerships we’ve worked on. The attendees were super-engaged and genuinely interested in asking questions and learning more about DICE and our departments.

Through speaking to our people throughout the day, the attendees were able to get firsthand information about DICE, our different teams, and the type of roles within those teams. Shining a light on less common roles definitely helped open some eyes to new possibilities within the industry.


Ben Walker, Team Lead, Client Success 

I had the pleasure of presenting to the attendees on all things Client Success, where I took them through the day-to-day and some of the key aspects of the department. Client Success works closely with most teams at DICE, so I wanted to give a little insight into this and also a real-life view of what these teams were doing, so I introduced them to Account Managers, members of the Client Success team, and the Venue and Promoter Partnerships team. 

The attendees asked a lot of insightful questions that prompted interesting conversations, including a discussion on how AI could impact our industry. ERIC is such a great initiative, and simply being able to meet and chat with so many people can have a huge impact on job applications and help you find your way into the industry.

Mae Yip, Cofounder of ERIC

At ERIC, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing employers in the creative industries, but DICE really stood out for us. From the moment we walked into their office, we were blown away by the vibes and friendly atmosphere. 

One attendee even said, “Wow, everyone is so happy.” And it’s true – the positive culture at DICE is contagious. Attendees from all walks of life left feeling motivated and inspired, but what really caught everyone’s attention were the different departments that DICE has to offer.


With so many career paths to choose from, the attendees were amazed at the variety of opportunities available. And the passion everyone had for their work and specialism was evident – they were proud to be working at DICE, and proud of the work they were doing. 

It's no surprise that all attendees left the event wanting to work at DICE. This just goes to show that a company’s culture can have a huge impact on attendees and potential future employees. We’re excited to continue partnering with employers like DICE, who value a positive company culture and a welcoming atmosphere.

A huge thanks goes out to Alice and the team at DICE for organising such a fantastic taster day. We’re excited to continue providing more people with the chance to be inspired and discover a career they’re truly passionate about – one that will bring them happiness for years to come.

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