Exploring New York's legendary music scene

As DICE continues to grow, we have the privilege of becoming part of the music scene in cities around the world. We never stop looking to build relationships with people who are doing live shows differently, and who truly understand the music of their city – so we want to shout out our partners who make New York so special.   

A venue for every fan

In every city, specific scenes flourish and underground movements lead the way. But in New York, there’s a particularly broad range of genres. From jazz to punk, hip hop to electronic, New York has given us some of the most innovative artists in the world. The city’s venues have always been there for them, creating spaces for the city’s many communities to enjoy endless kinds of experiences.    

Since 2017, Elsewhere’s 24,000 square foot venue has been the heart of New York’s electronic music scene. It’s globally celebrated for its inventive curation, and a strong ethos of community-building and digital initiatives have brought them international acclaim. This made them a natural partner for DICE and in 2020 we joined forces – you can read more about our recent partnership here.

We're excited to work with DICE and are impressed not only by the platform itself, but most notably by the people behind it - Dhruv Chopra, partner and CFO at Elsewhere

Joining DICE in 2021 is iconic metal venue Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The venue draws leading artists in hardcore, punk, metal and industrial, and over the last ten years it’s become an institution for alt music: artists like Megadeth, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Descendents and Against Me! Have played the venue. Read all about it here.

One of our first New York partnerships was H0L0, the underground bar dedicated to uncomfortable listening that welcomes any and every genre. It’s uniquely experimental and that shows in the way it operates. The space is accessible to any artist who’s creating boundary-defying work, creating a true sense of democracy.

There’s also life-of-the-party-venue Chelsea Music Hall, where fans can enjoy live music, art, theatre, comedy and more. Paying homage to Chelsea’s history is the core of the venue: no two nights are the same, but it’s always a great time.

Independent excellence 

New York houses some of the most innovative independent venues and promoters in the world. But scalping has been stopping fans from getting tickets and distorting the artist-fan relationship for too long. It’s more important than ever that we give independent venues and promoters better ways to reach fans and sell tickets. 

Brooklyn Made is here to shake up live music in NYC. In just over a year, it’s become one of the premier independent promoters in the world, focused on fixing ticketing in favour of fans. The company was founded by Anthony Makes, an industry veteran coming from many years of experience as New York President at Live Nation.

We partnered with Brooklyn Made to give them a direct connection to fans and make it easier for them to get tickets to the people who truly want them. Find out more about the partnership here

DICE shares our vision that the old systems are antiquated and not fan friendly. - Anthony Makes, Founder of Brooklyn Made

Public Records is a venue that brings together everything that makes New York great: an intimate, community-focused space with beautifully curated lineups. Public Records has established itself as a leading electronic venue in the city and cultivated a loyal fanbase.

And when it comes to independent events, there’s nothing like Everyday People: a monthly daytime dance party that celebrates Black diversity. The event has become beloved in the city and encapsulates the magic of independent ventures.  

Going out in New York

We’re on a mission to get people out more, and it’s about to get a lot easier for New Yorkers to do that. If you’re interested in joining us, check out our partner page.